KRZYSZTOF GLISZCZYŃSKI “Fullness. Point and line to plane”
Synergic pictures, objects, videos
06 – 27.06.2008 Milano Gallery; Rondo Waszyngtona 2a; 03-910 Warsaw
The new project is not the trial of re-creation nor reconstruction. It is the look at the problem of the picture in the context of the basic modernism work concerning the theory of painting. Wasyl Kandyński defined his work ‘Point and line to plane’ as ‘contributions to the analyse of the painter’s elements’. The book appeared 80 years ago during the intensified theoretical artists’ activity connected with the new avantgarde movements. These works pointed and determined the searching direction area of Concrete art. The distance of time allows us to wonder how the relations in perceiving Concrete art’s problems has changed and how far is it is becoming the repetition of the prototype. Does the abstract and the real is still the same? How far the formal elements are becoming something more than they really are.
While I was working over the series ‘Autoportrait a’retour’ I used the term of synergy. It is the kind of mutual interaction of specyfic elements creating the new meaning of the whole work. Considering my works – deepening and searching the matter’s nature – has started with the issue concerning the residuum. The inseparable element of residuum is its dematerialisation, unification. In my last works I meant to stop this process and show the moment of convergence, which in alchemy is called as coniunctio. This phenomenon evolves in time. The matter is in the continuous motion. Moving from one picture to another, it includes in itself the memory of the previous works. In such a way I got back to ‘Urns’ that were created from the remnants of pictures.
However, in my new pictures the matter is regained, merged once more. In ‘Urns’ –throughout their multilayerness – the time is a linearic record, different from that appearing in a synergic picture. The structure here, througout the break-up, builts the other feeling of time – unlinearic and connected with the hyper-space. The picture is no longer the result of perception but it becomes the result of transformations in which an inccident, break-up and compression play the first role. The matter comes under renewed merger.
Point, line and plane – these three re-deconstructured elements – become the structure elements of the new reality, functioning on the basis of network in which it is possible to exist on various levels. The space creates a kind of a labyrinth, symbolises the convergence with the cosmos and the fullness. The fullness is a game of meanings in a way. From one side, throughout the long-lasting process of work, unintentionally goes the unification process of the body and the matter experienced. From the other side, throughout the setting of different elements such as: the picture – the circle, full of symbolic meanings; the object – the sphere and the video film about the formation process of work – all together they overlap and complement each other. Here meets the stable and elusive elements, the trace and re-done picture, the full and the complete, the possible and the impossible. It is the picture of the same cosidered from various sides.

Krzysztof Gliszczyński 2008

translation Iwona Kościelecka